QBA MEDI TURKEY, have been operating in the field of health tourism in Turkey for many years. We offer healthcare services at the most affordable prices, with well known hospitals and clinics, with the state-of-the-art specialists.

your health is important to us as it is important to you. We take all the necessary steps to give you the best services with the awareness of this fact.
We at QBA MediTours work with a team of experts that is well educated with excellent experienced and well knowledgeable in the field of health. We stand by our patients from the start of their journey to the end of their treatment process. Giving support and produce solution to the problems they may be facing, for each patients as well as to provide moral and motivational support from our expert team.

Your travel plan, accommodation and hospital appointments are organized in accordance with QBA MEDI TOURS team. From the moment you get intouch with us we make sure you feel safe and peaceful. If an adjustment is need to be made from your treatment plan, you can follow the treatment plan from your preliminary consultation to the end of the treatment period, if we need to make the necessary programs for your relatives, we will provide information about the touristic places and also follow up after your treatment when you return home.
Our Medical Evaluation departments offers the choice of contracted hospitals to ensure the highest quality and comfortable treatment facilities for our patients coming from abroad. The treatment plan of the patient during the hospitalization period, the compatibility of the treatment to be applied to the insurance guarantees.

Our Friendly Call Center will give you all the necessary information to the pateint / family member before you set out on your travel to Turkey. All the organise procedures will be informed regarding transportation, airport pickup and transfers, hotel accommodation, hospital appointment procedures, hospitalization hotel transportation, and also your translations and interpreter services are organized with the request of the patient / family. We will providing consultancy and support services in all fields to assist you in any trouble you may face.
Medical reports of the patient are determined by health professionals and the patient is sent to the contracted institutions.